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Please note that from 1st March the Crop Year has changed to 2020. To see last year's crops, click Advanced Search and select 2019 from the drop-down list.

MySPUDS Dashboard

MySPUDS gives Producers and Growers of Scottish Seed & Ware Potato crops the ability to monitor their crops as they proceed through the Scottish Seed Potato Classification Scheme (SPCS).

Please see our ’getting started with MySPUDS’ step-by-step guide.

Once logged in, Producers and Growers are able to see a dashboard showing simple statistics about their current crops and label orders with links to searchable crops or label orders lists.

To use MySPUDS please login, or request a new password if you have forgotten it.

To register, please email a request to

Anyone can register for an account, but a primary contact must have been assigned by SPCS Scheme Officers for your organisation. The primary contact for your organisation may then add you as an authorised contact so that you are able to see crops and other details in MySPUDS.

For help with MySPUDS please contact Wilma or Stephen or email For assistance with in-store label printing please contact your local Area Office in the first instance. If the problem persists please contact