Seed & Ware Potatoes

The Seed Potato Classification Scheme (SPCS) ensures the continuing high quality of Scottish Seed Potatoes, by setting strict tolerances for freedom from disease and trueness to type. SASA is the Certifying Authority for the SPCS and also carries out a range of scientific activities in support of seed potato classification in Scotland.?

Information on the SPCS, including application forms for tuber inspection and soil testing for PCN, can be found in the Classification Scheme section.

Most Scottish seed potatoes are derived initially from pathogen-tested microplants held in SASA's nuclear stock unit.

In support of the SPCS, SASA carries out testing for potato cyst nematodes (PCN) and potato diseases, as well as monitoring the level of the aphids?which spread some potato diseases.

Our activities with regard to PCN?and aphids are supported by an active research programme, see the PCN research page.

SASA also conducts supporting work on potato diseases affecting classification and export seed potatoes. View a list of recent publications.

Information on new potato varieties listed recently in the UK National List can be obtained under new varieties. Other information on potato varieties can be found?on the European Cultivated Potato Database website. SASA also provides a service to identify potato varieties by DNA fingerprinting using a growing database of over 1,000 potato varieties for comparison including all UK national listed varieties.

See the Potato Training Courses page for information on courses available from SASA.?