For information on Pesticide Regulations and Brexit see the Pesticides EU Exit guidance page


Pesticides are substances that are used to control pests. Pesticides include synthetic and naturally occurring chemicals as well as biological agents.? Current legislation requires the generation of extensive data packages to demonstrate that pesticides, when used correctly, will not give rise to unacceptable risks to users, consumers and the environment.? Post-registration surveillance provides a means of confirming that pesticides are being used correctly and that the pre-registration risk assessments are providing the required levels of safety. SASA has a key role in supporting the UK and EU regulatory process through statutory:

  • Monitoring for pesticides and their metabolites that could remain in or on our food,
  • Monitoring the impact on non-target animals e.g. wildlife, pets, livestock and honeybees following the legal and illegal use of pesticides (see our Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS)?page),?
  • Collection of usage information on agricultural and horticultural crops.

Scientists at SASA also provide information and expertise to a wide range of stakeholders inside and outside government in relation to biocides and pesticides.?

What to do if you think people, animals or the environment have been harmed by accidental or deliberate exposure to pesticides, biocides or veterinary medicines

Health & Safety Executive guidance regarding pesticide exposure can be found on the Chemicals Regulation Directorate's Reporting Incidents?webpage.