GM Diagnostics

Staff in SASA’s GM team provide analytical testing support for the GM Inspectorate by detecting genetically modified material using multi-element PCR screening and event-specific quantitative PCR tests.?

SASA is a full member of the European Network of GMO laboratories (ENGL) and is one of three UK National Reference Laboratories who assist the EU Community Reference Laboratory in testing and validating methods for detecting and identifying GMOs (under EC Regulation 1981/2006). Competence in GMO testing is also maintained by regular participation in European Union Reference Laboratory comparative trials and ISTA GMO Proficiency Ring Tests.

SASA offers a screening test to detect nearly all known genetic modifications in oilseed rape and maize using a set of 5 element/junction specific assays. This test is accredited to ISO17025. We can also offer other testing services, such as screening for GM potato or soya, or quantification of specific GMOs.?

Please either contact the GM inspectorate mailbox or phone the numbers given below to discuss your requirements.?

For enquiries concerning GM testing telephone Heather Owen 0131 244 6353 or Karen Pearson 0131 244 8854.

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