DNA Fingerprinting Service

DNA fingerprinting is a method widely applied to identify individuals in a range of different circumstances. Similar technology has been developed and successfully used for over 10 years at SASA as a tool for variety identification.? A searchable database containing over 2,000 DNA fingerprints of potato varieties has been generated with many practical applications including:

  • Testing new varieties
  • Variety identification
  • Management of reference collections
  • Food authenticity and due diligence testing

The test method is quick and any part of the plant can be used e.g. tubers, leaf, sprouts.? We are also able to test some processed produce e.g. crisps and fries.

We can now offer Sweet potato testing as a new addition to our established potato fingerprinting service.


Service Turnaround time (from receipt of sample) Price per sample (ex VAT)
Priority 24 hours £250
Urgent 5 working days £125
Non-Urgent 4 weeks £70

If you require the urgent or priority service, please contact us before submitting samples.

Submitting samples

Samples should be sent with a completed [form] to:

? DNA Fingerprinting
? SASA, Roddinglaw Road, Edinburgh, EH12 9FJ

For further information please contact:

??Helen Ventisei??-? Email: dnafingerprinting@sasa.gov.scot?? | Tel: (+44) 0131-244-8921
? Alex Reid????????? -??Email:?dnafingerprinting@sasa.gov.scot ? |? Tel: (+44) 0131-244-8910

See also the potato genotyping page.