Freedom of Information


You have statutory rights to access information held by public authorities, which are also required to proactively publish information.

For?advice on how to access information held by the Scottish Government and its agencies, as well as information about the legislation and?the policy background, please see the Request Information section on the Scottish Government website.

If you wish to make a request concerning SASA’s work under Freedom of Information or for Environmental Information, please email your enquiry to: use the contact details to be found on this page.

You may find the information you require is already publicly available through this website – try the search or navigation options available on the right of this screen (see the How to use this website page?for help) and also check out the Resources section?for example. If you prefer to have the information in printed format this is usually possible on request from? through the contact details to be found on the right of this screen.

SASA became part of the Scottish Government in April 2008, so for information in the following areas please see the?Request Information section?on the Scottish Government website:

  • financial management
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • procurement.

For other information relating to SASA as an agency (the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency) prior to April 2008, you may find what you are looking for in the SASA annual reports or other publications listed in the Resources section.