Environmental Management Policy

As a Division of the?Scottish Government?Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate with wide-ranging national environmental responsibilities on important issues such as the protection of crops, plant health and the monitoring of pesticide load in the Scottish diet, SASA is fully committed to ensuring continuous improvement in its own environmental performance.

SASA’s new Headquarters premises at Gogarbank, being occupied from the early part of 2006, have been designed with a high priority given to environmental aspects – notably in the use of sustainable and recyclable building materials, control of emissions, energy usage, water conservation, waste disposal and biodiversity.? The new building, comprising laboratories, glasshouses, and supporting offices and ancillary accommodation, achieved an official “very good” rating under the BREEAM process (the Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method).

Building upon this, and in seeking to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment,?SASA will continually work to:

  • devise appropriate systems to facilitate the recording, from the outset of occupying the new HQ building, of data on aspects such as energy and water usage, emissions, waste disposal, etc.? Baseline positions have been established?from which future specific targets can be developed;
  • increase the use of sustainable modes of transport by staff, both in commuting and on business;
  • procure goods and consumables, as far as is practicable, from sustainable/recycled sources; and to seek, from suppliers of scientific and other equipment, data on the ongoing energy usage/whole life costs associated with their products;
  • recognising that the nature of SASA’s operations requires, to a certain degree, the use of hazardous substances, endeavour to minimise their use and actively explore alternatives where possible;
  • implement local site procedures and initiatives for minimisation of waste by reduction, reuse, repair, and recycling;
  • ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulatory requirements (listed in register of legislation relating?to SASA’s environmental aspects);
  • monitor, and increase the awareness of environmental performance, through an Environmental Management Group. This will include communicating the policy to staff, with the provision of training to increase environmental awareness and reduce pollution; and
  • report on environmental management.